Unhappy with weapon on display


Ten days ago, while food shopping at the Barkley Haggen store, I stood in line next to a pistol-packing fellow customer. Shocked at seeing a weapon exposed in full view for all men, women and children, innocently shopping for groceries to view, I asked if he were a policeman. He replied, "I'm a concerned citizen."

Meanwhile, Starbucks Coffee, who rents space at Haggen, I believe was celebrating "take your lethal weapon to the store day."

Well, I too am concerned and so should we all be. I believe the far right of America have effected an armed take over of our country and if one complains, as I am, we're vilified as un-American. A letter to the editor in today's Bellingham Herald, "Guns needed for protection" was submitted by a bragging 215-pound Nooksack citizen. This cowboy, superhero answer to gun violence is typically lathered in bravado rhetoric. How pathetic! How tragic. I believe we have gone from the "land of the free, home of the brave" to a "land of fear -- home of hate."

Michael Maryk


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