Going to global warming school

Posted by Ralph Schwartz on September 4, 2013 

This blogger will come back armed with more climate truth

This Thursday and Friday I will be out of the office and in Seattle instead, participating in the Metcalf Institute's Climate Change Seminar for Journalists. I was fortunate enough to be selected for this free two-day seminar with speakers who are luminaries in science, environmentalism and even on the local scene. Bill Dewey of Taylor Shellfish on Samish Bay will be there, as will Oliver Grah, water resources program manager for the Nooksack tribe. Kathy Best will also speak; she's the managing editor of the Seattle Times, a seminar co-sponsor with the Metcalf Institute.

Some of you will be disappointed to learn that Dr. Don Easterbrook isn't on the speaker list.

A rundown of the lucky journalist-participants in the seminar, with bios, can be found here.

I'll be tweeting stuff I learn or observe or otherwise feel like commenting on from the Politics Blog Twitter account, @BhamPolitics. Personal or after-hours observations will be tweeted from my own account, @Ralph_Schwartz.

I'll write something in this space sometime next week, giving an overview of what I learned.

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