Strickland wins Bellingham Amateur golf title


03 Bellingham Amateur

Mark Strickland plays in the 39th Annual Bellingham Amateur golf tournament at Lake Padden Golf Course, Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 2, 2013, in Bellingham.


BELLINGHAM -- On the same memorable weekend, Western Washington University standout Mark Strickland lost a golfing roommate and won a significant tournament with one of the best final-round shots of his career.

Strickland, a junior from Mukilteo, gained momentum with a stunning eagle on the challenging par-five 13th hole, then birdied the 14th and earned pars on his final four holes to win his first Bellingham Amateur title in the 39th version of the annual event on Monday, Sept. 2, at Lake Padden Golf Course.

Strickland and several other golfers stressed that the real winners were all the competitors on a perfect weekend, since they noted that superintendent of golf Scott McBeath and his maintenance crew had the course in beautiful shape.

"The course is great; thanks for the competition," was all the humble 21-year-old needed to say at the trophy presentation.

Strickland shot a final-round 4-under-par 68 to finish with a 7-under 209 to win by one stroke over recent Western graduate Dylan Goodwin, who shot three 70s for 210.

"Dylan just moved out of our home yesterday," Strickland said with a grin about his former high school and college teammate. They helped lead the Vikings to the semifinals in the NCAA Division II Championships last spring.

"But I still have a golfing roommate -- Jack Kelly," Strickland said. Kelly shot a 220 for a net 217, while another Western standout, Kyle Schrader, rallied for a strong scratch finish at 218 with a final-round 71.

Strickland, who was a three-year state qualifier at Kamiak High School and was in his third Bellingham Amateur, called his eagle on the tough 13th hole "easily one of the top 15 or 20 shots I've ever made."

"I used a 3 wood for about a 290-yard shot off the tee," he said. "Then I hit a draw (a left-to-right shot) with a hybrid going a little uphill more than 200 yards. That left the ball about four feet from the cup and I converted for the eagle."

Strickland, a marketing major, did a solid job of selling the golf poise he hopes will earn him captain honors this upcoming season for the Vikings.

"I'd be disappointed if I didn't earn the No. 1 spot (on the team) this season," he said. "I see this as a solid start for the season. We have several good freshmen and we're going to need some of them to play. Potentially, we have a shot at winning nationals."

Jim Chambers, a 61-year-old former college baseball player who feels blessed to live on the Eaglemont Golf Course in Mount Vernon, won low net honors at 207. An eight-handicapper, he shot 231.

"I was tired of the kids winning all the chips in this tournament," Chambers said. "I've won some flights before in playing seven years here, but this was my first title."

Chambers, who was drafted by the old Montreal Expos out of Helena High in Montana, didn't take up golf until he was nearly 40.

"I got a late start," said Chambers, a personable lumber salesman who works out of Bellingham for International Forrester Products. "I don't think they had golf clubs or soccer balls in Montana when I was in high school."

He started at third base for three seasons at New Mexico Highlands, where his coach, Jim Marshall, was a New Mexico state amateur champion.

"When he got mad at us, he'd tell us to go hit some golf balls," said Chambers, who eventually took his coach's advice, especially since he did not get the pro baseball opportunity he had hoped for out of college.

One of the tournament's most intriguing performances came from 17-year-old Bellingham High junior Cody Roth, a 1-handicapper who was the tournament's youngest entrant. He shot 9-over 225 for a net 222.

"I birdied 17 and 18 in the final round, so I think I did all right," said Roth, an all-Whatcom County golfer. "But I feel I should have done a lot better. I left some shots out there."

The solid showing for someone his age was not, however, the highlight of a summer in which the devoted golf specialist played nearly a dozen Northwest youth tournaments.

"The week before the British Open, my dad (Craig Roth) and I got to play at St. Andrew's in Scotland," Roth said. "It felt surreal on the first tee. I shot a (2-over) 74 but my dad beat me with a 72. What a great memory! I crossed that one off the bucket list early."

Cody, though, also got a thrill when his dad caddied for him in the Bellingham Amateur, so he certainly won't have any trouble filling out his "what I did on summer vacation" essay.

Roth, who qualified for Class 2A state as a sophomore, is a year-round golfer out of Sudden Valley. He is taking aim at a top state finish the next two seasons.

Other strong low-gross showings came from Vancouver Golf Club's Mark Heinrich, who finished at 1-under 215, and North Bellingham GC's Bob Shannon, who shot 216. Paul Berube from Lake Padden finished with a net 221 and a gross 212.




Mark Strickland 209

Dyland Goodwin 210

John Hulbert 210

Paul Berube 212

Carlo Ciardullo 213

Mark Johnson 214

Mark Heinrich 215

Bob Shannon 216

Chris Bae 217

Chris Hatch 217

Jack Kelly 217

Jake McRoberts 217

Kyle Schrader 218

Colten Kleis 219

Tracy Vaas 219

Craig Titterington 220

Mark Cockrell 220

Brian Barhanovich 222

Cody Roth 222

Jarad Boddy 222

Doug Pierce 223

Ty Cannon 223

Brennan Emory 225

Keynan Fanslow 226

Ron Bell 226

Jason Weltry 227

Chad Bobby 228

Craig Crawford 228

Scott McBeath 228

Will McCarter 228

Bill Hager 230

Peter Gilbert 233

Mike Dinney 240

Anna Bourland 244

Kalib Knutson 247

Bryan Jan NC


Jim Chambers 207

Bob Fields 210

Ray Flynn 212

Keith Callander 213

Nathan Moss 214

Sam Reier 214

Darren Smith 215

Sebastian Moreno 216

Steve Hobson 217

Dan Jansen 219

Ben Johnson 220

Mark Smith 222

Lenny Thompson 223

Scott Miller 223

Tyson Peters 224

Craig Johnson 225

Murray Wilcox 225

Bryan Jones 226

James Fox 226

Terry Moore 226

David Dines 229

Gary Frick 229

Marc Walker 229

Howard Marshall 230

Morgan McGowan 231

Will Rice 231

Lance Gatter 234

Erik Denmark 237

Gregg Boddy 239

John Benson 245

Larry Marshall 245

Tim Barnes 266

John Reid NC

Robert OVerdorf NC


George Hovanes 211

Mike Hogan 211

Raymond Kiem 211

Joe Van Dyck 215

Ken Grunning 215

Dave Powers 218

Leroy Clement 218

Fritz Willits 220

Ray Kastelitz 220

Dave Stein 222

Mike Moreno 222

Ron Johnson 222

Clayton Yakubow 223

Joe Treat 223

Steve Stein 223

Peter Christopher 224

Terry Subtelny 224

George Willet 225

Quentin Thompson 225

Sharon McCarty 225

Steve Walsh 226

Tom Stangl 226

Bryan Somerton 227

Tim Frick 227

Ben Stodghill 228

Bob Warner 228

Rob McCombie 228

Shawn Brandt 231

Vince Meyer 231

Brian Helgeson 233

Joel Wark 235

Mike Hatfield 236

Jim Webb 238

Dave Goss 244

Brandon Grimnes NC

Richard Jerome NC

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