Suggests slate of Whatcom candidates


We are given the privilege of the right to vote for the best qualified candidate possible. As I reflect on this privilege, the word "integrity" comes to mind. I like Webster's meaning, "uprightness, soundness of character and moral wholeness." I would also hold in high standards leadership and experience. I find these qualities in Kathy Kershner running for her second term on the County Council. I didn't just meet her but have known her for a few years. I have witnessed first hand her leadership and decision making as chair of the council. Kathy does care about the interests and concerns of the people she represents. Among Kathy's many goals is keeping our community safe and healthy for a better tomorrow.

As a Whatcom County native of over 70 years, I encourage you to trust my judgment and vote for Kathy Kershner. But wait, there's more: Michelle Luke, Ben Elenbaas and Bill Knutzen. And for good measure, Ken Bell and Dan Robbins for port commissioners.

Jeri LaMont


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