Concerned trains will ruin park


Boulevard Park, have you been there lately? What changes are taking place! We recently enjoyed a day there with our "out of town" family. The first improvement was the childrens' playground, the ship was quite a magical place and the "gangplank" walking was a blast for the kids, even our one-year-old could not get enough of jumping. The excitement of having the ringside seat to the beach construction was just a treat for the children. We finally made it down to the tidal zones where we uncovered crabs to their hearts' content, dug in sand and walked the trail, what fun! Then, it was cover-your-ear time for the coal train to pass. I do understand that trains are necessary and can even be fun at times, ( I love to ride them). However, it is crazy to think that we are restoring such a beautiful area to see it clogged up with numerous trains a day and the noise of these, especially on the sensitive ears of children. Just a last thought, have you enjoyed the road construction areas and delays this summer? Of course not, welcome to life if Gateway Pacific Terminal is built.

Judith Akins


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