Asks merchants help mobility impaired


I write to call attention to a problem affecting elderly people who rely on walkers, rollators and similar devices. When they arrive at grocery stores they confront a number of difficulties. First and foremost, they encounter the challenge of managing their way from their vehicles to store entrances. Once inside, they either cannot place all the items they wish to purchase on the platforms of their walkers or in the typical store-provided baskets, or they have no place to safely and securely leave their walkers if they wish to use regular shopping carts. Those who leave their walkers in their cars out of concern that they might be stolen if left unattended in stores risk serious injury in making their way across parking lots to the nearest shopping cart, which they use to help them stand and walk. Most supermarkets these days provide drivable carts for persons of limited mobility, but those carts are not always available to everyone who may need one. I ask if you would give serious consideration and earnest effort to implementing solutions that will help the people mentioned herein. It would be gratifying to know you thought the matter important enough to take decisive steps to improve the quality of life for senior citizens struggling with impaired mobility.

Norman E. Riley


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