Asks support for another pot petition


Did you know I-502 failed to legalize sharing, that the license for growing was really expensive, and that the 5 ng/ml DUI is completely unscientific?

There is a remedy. Please find (or download and print), and sign the petition to the legislature (I-584) which will fix all of those flaws and more.

"Ballot Measure Summary: This measure would exempt certain cultivation and not-for-profit transfers of marijuana from licensing laws, make certain marijuana-related crimes into civil infractions, allow marijuana use by persons under 21 under parental supervision, limit when courts could consider blood concentration of marijuana metabolites, exempt medical-marijuana patients from impaired driving laws based on marijuana blood tests, allow vacation of marijuana convictions, and remove requirements that certain state agencies and officials cooperate with enforcement of certain federal marijuana offenses."

The URL for the full text of the petition (and to download it for printing) is

Gail Wiltse


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