Says guns needed for protection


A letter writer's comments asking guns be kept out of city parks, while well formulated are, I believe, based solely on the fact that you are irrationally and illogically afraid of firearms. The "gun" is no more going to jump out of his holster and kill someone any more than a rock would. If the fear isn't of the inanimate object, it must be the law-abiding, dog-walking, community-oriented, service member who volunteered his blood to make sure you could freely make other peoples' blood boil.

My sidearm and my 215 pounds of flesh walk the park peacefully and lawfully to be the only things between that awful scenarios we all dread and your children. I will die for them as I would you my fellow compatriot. No police officer arriving 10 minutes after an incident will be able to provide this level of service. No silly, oppressive law that you made up in your mental compound will protect you from non-law-abiding persons.

I don't expect you to change because of what I've said; clearly logic doesn't ring true to you. I don't ward away nefarious criminals from you and your family with my open carry to garner a thank you from you. I do these things because it's the right thing to do. That is the reason we are granted these constitutional rights.

We're putting the fear into the wrong-doers. Don't be one of them. I beg all of you: do not remove the protection we provide from the pervasive evil among us.

Jason Metzger


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