Thanks governor for bridge repair


Recently career politician Sen. Ericksen released a statement on the I-5 bridge repair: "This is a great example when we get Olympia politicians and bureaucrats out of the way and let the professionals get the job done."

The senator showered praise on the workers involved with the bridge repair, which is well deserved. He fails to acknowledge the leadership of Gov. Inslee and Secretary of Transportation Lynn Peterson, whose immediate response to the crisis helped mitigate the effects on the community.

Gov. Inslee was on site of the bridge collapse within hours, coordinating the various government agencies and contractors to get the wheels in motion. His skills with federal agencies was especially helpful. He was able to secure much-needed funds from the Department of Commerce to help businesses hardest hit.

There were many other politicians involved, who responded to this emergency. They are too numerous to mention in this short space.

Ani item to note: Olympia failed to pass a much needed transportation budget this year. The reason, the Republican-controlled Senate in Olympia failed to act.

I believe Republicans routinely confuse obstructionism with leadership.

Bob Seaman


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