Unhappy with coal terminal proposal


It is obvious to me that the divine wisdom of the pro-coal port people will never be understood by the Whatcom enviros! It is time for all coal train lovers to make the ultimate sacrifice and move to Montana, help the Crow Indian Nation mine their coal, and then transport the non-polluting coal by rail to Ridley terminal in Prince Rupert, Canada.

As a final act of defiance, coal dump lovers should donate all their property to the poor and jobless in Whatcom county. This will give the poor a place to camp with the impending economic failure of the coal dump proposal. The property dedication plaques will carry the following message:

All power to the corporate owners and bankers!

Without pollution there is no prosperity!

Without pollution there is no social progress!

Corporate values are the only human values!

Coal corporations never lie, cheat or steal!

Railroads rule -- congestion is good and delay is divine!

People who love, clean air, soil, water, and trees are demonic!

Only fools and the brain dead would ever oppose corporate projects!

What me worry? Nothing could possibly go wrong with corporate planning!

Pollution is the solution! Cancer is good for you! Trust the wisdom of the monopoly market!

You will be remembered by the soon-to-be established used tire dump site at Cherry Point.

Thomas Gilmore


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