Happy with health care reform plan


Obamacare! It's about time!

On Jan. 1, 2014 Obamacare goes into effect. This means 30 million more Americans will have the ability to get health insurance. They can't be denied because they are sick. They won't be cancelled if they get sick. They can get help if they can't afford the premiums. That's 30 million more people who can see a doctor when they are sick instead of going to an emergency room or living with illness and pain.

There will be no more lifetime caps so we can have health coverage our whole lives! Imagine that, not having to go bankrupt because you get sick or injured and the costs went beyond what the insurance company allowed.

We will no longer pay insurance companies 30 percent to 35 percent overhead costs. They will have to get by with only 20 percent! Which is about 17 percent more than the 3 percent (yes, 3 percent) that we pay for Medicare overhead costs. Why not just go with Medicare for all? I don't get why we need the insurance company middlemen, but that's another letter.

These are just some of the positive changes Obamacare will put in motion. Changes America desperately needs.

Yes! Obamacare, it is about time!

Linda Schonborn


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