Your Travel: Burma memorable for bicycling couple


Bicycle touring brought Bellingham residents Freeman Anthony and Iris Metzgen-Ohlswager together, and now they are getting married.

They were in Burma from Nov. 21 to Dec. 21 in 2012. Freeman says they originally planned to bicycle from Da Nang, Vietnam, to Bangkok, Thailand, but Burma was capturing the headlines with reforms and they found out that tourist visas were being issued, so they changed their plans.

They could be in Burma for 28 days and had to fly in and out of Yangon (also known as Rangoon).

Restricted to about half of the country, they covered as much as they could via bike, bus, boat and train. They rode a total of about 500 miles in all sorts of weather in all sorts of terrain.

They became engaged during the trip at the Golden Rock Pagoda, near Thaton, Burma.

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