Backs reform of health care


Do I live in a bubble? I like to think that the majority of folks are reasonable and ethical. But I truly wonder if I live in a bubble. My friends, for the most part, think like I do. The various papers I read and the news shows I listen to all voice sensible views.

Why then do some people who walked past the booth I manned at a local town festival the other week seem against health care for all? Some say they know all about the program and don't like it. Some just smirk and aren't interested in learning the facts. What's not to like when you realize people presently uninsured will be covered, they can't be denied coverage for preexisting conditions and children can stay on their parents' policy until they are 26? Seniors in the "donut hole" will be able to pay 50 percent less for their medications, sick patients can't be dropped, all policies will include no-cost preventative annual screenings - and no one will be excluded in this program.

Reasonable, ethical, moral people know that this is right, don't they?

Naomi Murphy


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