Asks for respect for those with PTSD


I am responding to a letter regarding an open-carry gun incident at Bloedel Donovan Park between John Laigaie and Officer Allen Bass. John was offering to help paint over graffiti done to the buildings when confronted by the attending officer about John's legal open-carry gun. John often offers help in maintaining a clean park. I have known John, his wife and their dogs for years when walking our dogs at the park. We share a love of dogs and respect for our veterans. We also respectively disagree on some issues. I don't like guns anywhere. I don't own, nor have ever shot, a gun. John knows this, but we can respectively agree to disagree and share fun with our dogs. In my opinion the officer overreacted. I believe he overreached the law by pulling his gun on John. John, with his lawsuit, wants officers informed and appropriate about the law as it exists. PTSD is a horrible fact. My own father, a respected physician, suffered from it. It should not be used as a label to jump to conclusions about a person about whom the letter writer knows nothing. With someone without John's character and restraint this incident could have gone horribly wrong. A world without guns or PTSD would be wonderful. Until that time we need to treat each other with respect, restraint and understanding.

Sharon Belk-Krebs


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