Shoplift turns into robbery on WinCo's opening day

Posted by CALEB HUTTON on August 21, 2013 

BELLINGHAM - A Battleground man has been charged with shoving and punching loss prevention employees on WinCo's opening day Thursday, Aug. 15, after he shoplifted a hair trimmer and some batteries.

Security cameras caught Kristopher Le Dent, 21, shoving the merchandise - worth about $20 - into his pockets at 11 p.m. After he left the store, two employees approached him and identified themselves. One of them grabbed Le Dent's shoulder, but he shoved her down, causing her clothes to tear and hurting her knees, according to the charges. The other man got pushed, then punched under the chin.

The shoplifter tried to run off. But the male employee then "took him to the ground," the charges say.

Le Dent was booked into Whatcom County Jail.

Prosecutors filed charges of first-degree robbery and two counts of third-degree assault Friday afternoon. Each crime is a felony.

Correction Thursday, Aug. 22: The charges were corrected.

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