Washington students outscore national average on ACT tests

Posted by ZOE FRALEY on August 21, 2013 

Washington's students have performed better than the national average on ACT tests for another year, according to numbers released by ACT about the 2012-13 test results. 

Here's what the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction had to say about the news:

Washington's average composite score is 22.8, which is the nation’s seventh highest among states in which at least 20 percent of graduating seniors took the test.


A "composite score" consists of four content areas: English, reading, math and science. Scores are scaled from 1 (lowest) to 36 (highest). This year’s national average composite score is 20.9.


About 21 percent of Washington 12th graders (14,316) took the ACT in the 2012‒13 school year. This number reflects a consistent, slightly upward trend in ACT participation.


“Our students perform well, overall, on the ACT,” said State Superintendent Randy Dorn. “I’m proud of them. But we still have work to do, as a state, to address the opportunity gap that exists between racial subgroups. Scores remain consistent with no real gains.”

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