Wants guns out of city parks


I thank Officer Allen Bass for trying to protect my right to enjoy a public park without fear of being shot by a citizen with post-traumatic stress disorder. Why did the Bellingham Police Department fork over $15,000 to a guy who has no more common sense than to carry a deadly weapon to a park where children play? I believe he displayed a stunning lack of common sense. This is not about the right to bear arms, but rather about the right to bully one's neighbors. Refusing to show his ID to a police officer further indicates his poor judgement. Awarding him for antisocial behavior begs the question "Do we want gun toters to exercise the right to intimidate and bully the rest of us?" Do you want your children in a park where armed gunman are allowed to roam and dutiful police are punished for questioning their intentions? I believe people who parade in public with guns on their hips are begging for trouble and they know it; they make the world more dangerous for all of us. Please contact your elected officials about this issue. Gun toters aren't the only citizens who have rights. Let's ensure that our public parks are safe for our children.

Mira Kamada


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