Wants waterfront jobs, not coal terminal


Science does not put emotion before reason. Northwest Washington Central Labor Council President Mark Lowry is correct in emphasizing, in his Friday, Aug. 16 Whatcom View opinion piece, that hard work will be necessary to advance the economy of Whatcom County, and that "nothing worth having comes easy." But the Gateway Pacific Terminal is not something I believe is worth having. We need not only "good jobs now" but good, permanent jobs that support a workforce that can remain here, raise families here, and offer future generations the hope that they can continue to live here. Ecologically sound, natural environment-enhancing development will serve Whatcom County well. Our waterfront needs to be an integral part of our community, not just something remote and cut off by train tracks. This enhanced natural setting can provide not only good jobs in construction long term, and protect our shellfish and fishing operations, but also has the potential of providing employment in waterfront industry. The Northwest Washington Central Labor Council needs to expand their concept of what sorts of professions can provide a good job, (and even who ought to be part of the union labor force). For example, environmental scientists are workers too! We are not living in Whatcom County to take the money and run.

Gaythia Weis


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