Suspicious of Gateway claim


On Gateway Pacific Terminal's "Environment" page, they proclaim they "embrace the Pacific Northwest environmental ethic in everything we do."

Yet, when the Washington Department of Ecology announced its scope of review, Gateway didn't embrace it. Rather, they issued a statement from Foster Pepper, one of the state's largest law firms representing developers and the transportation industry, who stated, "Ecology's scoping decision gives rise to a host of legal and policy issues...."

Foster Pepper is more than ready to address those legal and policy issues. Of its 124 attorneys, 19 are in the environmental law division, and they "all ... have extensive litigation experience ...."

This firm has many useful areas of specialization for Gateway, including "experience in condemnation and eminent domain ... unmatched throughout the region" which should come in handy when our pesky homes, farms, and businesses get in the way of necessary rail expansion. They are also expert at defending against longshoremen injury claims which is super important when one is promising to be a major jobs provider for us.

Lest you worry about Gateway execs tiring from any litigating, condemning, and defending, know that Foster Pepper is also a member of the International Superyacht Society and stands ready to broker any and all transactions. They even deliver!

That's Gateway embracing our environmental ethic.

Terry Wechsler


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