Rejects partnership with coal terminal


Is it just me or did the proposed coal export terminal pretend that they exist and host a food drive at the Lynden Fair? I hope Whatcom County residents are paying attention to tactics of faking they are a part of our community by doing good while here. So far, the only good they have done is raise awareness on the impacts of exporting coal to Asia ... from diesel exhaust on the health of communities along the rail corridor, to train traffic with 18 additional trains per day, to water consumption issues for watering coal piles, to vessel traffic with over 900 sailings a year through the San Juan Islands and beyond, to burning the coal in Asia. I do not believe a food drive will sway the public into thinking that this project is a good idea. No amount of jobs will outweigh the negative impacts. Over 100,000 public comments were submitted, many addressing climate change impacts. America is transitioning off of coal and coal companies still want to profit from wrecking the planet. If you donated a can of food, consider it as help with the food shortages in relation to climate change should the coal be shipped and burned, or simply a donation to our food bank, regardless of sponsor that is not in existence.

Jill MacIntyre Witt


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