Hungry families still need to eat during summer break

August 16, 2013 

Late summer and early fall pose a difficult challenge for the Thurston County Food Bank. With summer vacations occupying people’s minds, food and monetary donations tend to tumble.

But the need filled by food banks doesn’t drop. It grows.

For low-income families who rely on free and reduced-cost meals during the school year, the summer months can create food anxiety.

In the good old days, the Thurston County Food Bank received enough donations during the Thanksgiving to Christmas holiday period to carry it through to the Letter Carriers Food Drive in May, which would almost keep the shelves stocked until fall.

The recession has shortened that cycle. The food bank now purchases food to supplement donations on a year-round basis. And the gap in August and September has grown wider.

The food bank has introduced several new programs to fill its needs, including the promising Stuff the Bus drives in Tumwater and North Thurston school districts.

Why not share some of your summer joy and make a contribution to the food bank this month?

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