Concerned with right and wrong


Why has the word "politics" become a typical tag attached to disagreements in our government? I find it better described as "right" and "wrong." Further definition can apply as to "liberal" or "conservative." If issues that affect my lifestyle are either "right" or "wrong," how does that become an attribute of "politics?"

As you further think through issues that affect our lives, I believe "liberals" are willing to continue government functioning by just continuing to spend money we don't have. I wish I could make my life easier by just spending more than I have. Certainly issues and people's lives are affected by not being able to support the "give-away" government programs, but that's not political, it's a matter of "right" and "wrong." If money is not available, you cannot fund it.

Let's hear from the liberals and see what their agenda can do for America; show me one proposal that makes sense and is within the realm of being right.

There are Democrats (though few, I believe) who do the right things and Republicans (most) who usually do the right thing. Interesting, isn't it?

Let's measure based on right or wrong, not on a politcal party stand.

At least conservatives, I believe, tread by far more carefully and don't use handouts that cannot be funded or ideas that jeopardize our morals and values.

Dan Arola


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