Sees no blame on Mother Nature


I have a question for all climate change, anti-coal, anti-oil environmentalist groups, and otherwise, who refuse to allow coal- (or oil-) related projects which might create jobs for unemployed people all over the U.S.

When are you going to sue Mother Nature?

Every day Mother Nature starts brush fires in California and forest fires all over the planet that pump tons of carbon based and other noxious gasses into the air. But you never seem to complain about that at all. Every day she pumps tons of carbon based and other gasses into the air thanks to her volcanoes in Hawaii; not to mention polluting the oceans with her under-sea volcanoes as well.

When are you going to sue Mother Nature for changing the power output of the sun, heating up our atmosphere over and over again, without your permission?

And what about Mother Nature causing tides, floods, tornadoes and landslides daily; she erodes beaches and banks and pollutes waterways, destroys fish spawning grounds, rips up trees and destroys wetlands any time she wants to?

When are you going to pass a law to regulate Mother Nature and make sure she stops destroying the planet without your permission?

Just curious why you environmentalist types never seem to care about all the times Mother Nature screws things up? Why do you want to blame everything, like global climate change, only on people, but never on Mother Nature herself?

Charles K. Jessup


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