Van Werven campaigns for right turn in state GOP

Posted by Ralph Schwartz on August 13, 2013 

This blog has been paying attention to the current race for the next chair of the state Republican Party. One of five announced candidates is Whatcom's own Luanne Van Werven. She stepped down as chairwoman of the county party at the end of 2012 to take a state committeewoman position. She was elected in January to the state vice-chair and ascended to interim state chairwoman after Kirby Wilbur resigned.

Van Werven is the center of attention in this story by Seattle Times political reporter Jim Brunner on the race for state GOP chair. Van Werven's message is that the state party has failed by attempting to appeal to the center. She pooh-poohed gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna as too moderate and unable to attract enough votes in eastern Washington.

Brunner gives some background on Van Werven's "conservative bona fides," citing her membership in the Eagle Forum, founded by Phyllis Schlafly.

The election of the state's next Republican chairperson is on Saturday, Aug. 24. I'll check in the Monday after with the results.

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