Police: Bellingham man, 30, beat girlfriend with Maglite flashlight


BELLINGHAM - A Bellingham man has been arrested on suspicion of repeatedly striking his girlfriend in the head with a heavy-duty flashlight.

A witness saw Jeremy Lee Moore, 30, assaulting the woman with a large Maglite at 8:35 a.m. Monday, Aug. 5, on a trail near a homeless camp in the 3400 block of James Street, said Bellingham Police Sgt. Jason Monson. Law enforcement searched the area but couldn't find Moore or the victim.

About 35 minutes later, someone saw a man - allegedly Moore - dragging a woman by her arm and her hair in Memorial Park, a mile to the south of the first assault. But the suspect ran off. Again, police couldn't find him.

They did, however, help the 33-year-old woman get some medical treatment. Staff at St. Joseph hospital found she had gashes on her head and swelling in her arms and hands. She may have lost consciousness at some point during the attack.

Later, around 9 p.m., police were notified Moore had returned to the general area of the homeless camp behind Sunset Square. Officers set up a perimeter and, with help from a police dog that happened to be on duty, arrested him on suspicion of domestic violence second-degree assault.

Police never found the alleged weapon, Monson said.

Whatcom County Superior Court Commissioner David M. Thorn set bail at $100,000 on Tuesday.

Moore had been awaiting trial on robbery charges: In June, prosecutors allege, he tried to steal a keg of Dos Equis beer by rolling it out of the Jalapenos restaurant on West Holly Street. According to charging papers, he pushed an employee in the process, making the crime a second-degree robbery.

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