Seeks donations for raptor sanctuary


I was saddened to read on Aug. 2 that Sardis Wildlife Center needs to spend $30,000 for necessary upgrades. The center has been a low-profile raptor sanctuary since 1989, run almost completely by volunteers.

My son spent five years volunteering weekly at Sardis during high school and college. He was trained to handle damaged eagles and to give educational demonstrations at county fairs and campgrounds around the state. This experience built his confidence and led him to major in zoology in college. This summer he is a Forest Service naturalist in Alaska, educating the public about the local environment.

I encourage the public to visit the center and enjoy the natural beauty of the sanctuary. It is a lovely place to walk or enjoy a picnic. Call 360-366-3863 for hours.

Perhaps 1,000 people could donate $30 each to raise the necessary money. I'm sending my donation today to 7472 Valley View Road, Ferndale, WA 98248.

Kristin Barber


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