Backs local farm in labor dispute


Do you realize that the label on a pickle jar costs more than the pickles in the jar? This should tell you there is not much money in farming, but we do it because we love being one of the earth, as we feed the world with top-of-the-line food.

I believe there is a sham against Sakuma Bros. farm. No farmer would bring in farmworkers from other countries if they could help it, because it is expensive. I believe Justice.Org is simply a front for unionization of farm workers. Their interest in this matter is being able to collect union dues

The Sakumas are between a rock and a hard place. They do not have enough workers to pick their crops; so what are they supposed to do, leave the crop in the field and let it rot with a huge loss? They are trying to do the right thing to use a government-sponsored guest worker program. Sakuma Bros. are the most considerate, gentlemanly farmers that exist in the state. I know them personally and know they would never take advantage of their workers. If existing workers walk of their job and strike they will suffer and so will the Sakumas.

Sakuma Bros. farmed for many generations, they exist by treating workers appropriately. Why else do workers return year after year?

Darryl Ehlers


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