Opposes U.S. 'security state'


One commentator compared Bradley Manning's prosecution to Daniel Ellsberg's, noting that Obama has done what Nixon couldn't do. Funny how things change. Previously Republicans were identified with foreign intervention, government crimes, and a national security state. Now it's the Democrats. Instead of closing Guantanamo as promised, Obama has guards forcing food down prisoners' throats. (Got to keep 'em alive in case we want to execute 'em later.) Drone attacks increase, along with innocents lost to "collateral damage." (But don't worry, Obama personally reviews each target - our own executioner for the world.) And whistleblowers who expose the government's illegal or inappropriate activities are prosecuted as enemies of the state, threatened with imprisonment or death. Sounds like a police state.

Obama, who I associated with peace, freedom, and justice, now seems more inclined towards war, corporate power, and a police state. Liberals and progressives seem afraid or unwilling to challenge Obama, but I was taught that silence in the face of a wrong, whatever the source of that wrong, is complicity. I don't want to be part of it, and have said as much to each of my elected representatives. Unless they actively oppose Obama's security state, I can't help but view the Democrats as a bankrupt party, complicit in a great wrong, and unworthy of further support.

Tim Baker


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