Concerns about building downtown


Congrats to Logos prexy Pritchett for making such a success of his vision and business. His building plan lends encouragement to Bellingham about our community's vitality. However, his plan for introducing such a huge structure in the heart of Bellingham's core violates a number of vital local concerns. One, it's scheduled to destroy and displace some historic buildings, thus spoiling the core's historic character. Second, Logos could easily be relocated at a number of underdeveloped sites at the town's margin, thus achieving his goal of remaining "downtown" while gaining more space for his facility and staff at lower cost. Taller downtown buildings lend a certain aura of oversize that diminish the importance of both people and town neighborhoods. As is, Bellingham is a jewel of civilized urbanity in an increasing jumble of crowded settlements. Pritchett's done a good job so far of helping Bellingham retain its unique personality while also providing many good jobs and business legitimacy. Let's hope he doesn't let runaway vision spoil that record.

Carlin Freeberg


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