Worried about changes to Medic One


The recent coverage of the Medic One system has me concerned.

I think we have had a fine emergency medical service in our county. Several years ago I had a disc impinging on my spinal cord - the pain was horrible. Medic One responded, managed the pain, packed me up and got me to the hospital with no further discomfort.

A few years after that, another disc attacked my spinal cord. Unfortunately, Medic One had been "modified" to save money by this time, and an aid unit was sent since my call was not life threatening. This time there was no pain management and I was in agonizing pain all the way to the hospital.

Now the county executive and the mayor want to "modify" the system again to save money. What's next? - are we gonna call a cab? Actually, that's where we came from. For those of you who weren't aware - before Medic One, we had Yellow Cab Ambulance.

I have a vision - or nightmare - of the future: a cart with Medic One emblazoned on its side rumbles through the town full of dead and dying. A voice rings out, "Bring out your dead."

James Burton


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