Asks U.S. take profit out of war


There exist sorrows and injustices all over our globe, including the United States of America. I believe adding fuel to the flame by increasing military action is not the answer. How many times do we need to repeat these lessons before we do something new? Do not send troops to Syria. Do not shift from Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria. Our country has caused untold harm and suffering by bombing, droning, and terrorizing civilians, then leaving their cities in ruin; to what end?

When the cure kills the patient, it is hardly something to administer to loved ones.

How do we solve this? Start by taking the financial reward out of the military industrial complex, and then shun the viscous inhumane tyrants of the world, and the villains will disappear speedily. We may then actually be able to help one another to happy, healthy lives here and abroad.

Carol Follett


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