Backs move away from fossil fuels


I support President Obama's recently announced plan to combat climate change and advance clean energy. The plan calls for reducing carbon pollution from power plants -- our largest source of pollution driving climate change -- that also harms our health and economy.

Going back to coal is certainly not the answer. Why ship coal across the sea when it may some day be more valuable as we learn to manage our resources in different ways that will not pollute.

Alternative transportation has got to be made more attractive than pushing around 2,000 pounds every time we run an errand. We did it with room-size computers, some day our children will laugh at us, if we don't kill them first with our excesses.

Investing in renewable energy, increased efficiency and pollution controls will create jobs and a more resilient economy. We are smart enough to do this, we just need the incentive and encouragement to move away from fossil fuel.

We will also combat health problems and the rising cost of insurance if we just stop throwing poisons around. We owe it to our children and future generations to rise to this challenge.

Ellen Clark


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