Unhappy with phosphorous ruling


We bought five lots in Sudden Valley in 2004 after our kids moved there. The new phosphorous ordinace is going to cause serious problems not only for Sudden Valley lot owners who now own worthless lots, but the Sudden Valley Homeowners Association, Bellingham and Whatcom County.

There are 800 empty lots in Sudden Valley. Many of them will go back to the county or Sudden Valley for back taxes, assessments and Ulity Local Improvement District fees because we can't afford to keep them or pay an extra $20,000 to $25,000 in building permit fees to "mitigate" phosphorous runoff that we belive is already mitigated. The Nooksack is the problem. The city is already charging for this mitigation in taxes. Soon the county will have to raise taxes on everyone because of the shortfall caused by Sudden Valley lots off the rolls.

As lot owners, we have been dilegently working with everyone involved to create a fair ordinace. This is not a fair ordinance. It takes away our investment and our property rights. It unfairly encumbers us with unnecessary expenses that supercede the value of most lots in the valley. Less than 5 percent of the phophorous that goes into the lake comes from Sudden Valley. I believe the County Council is working with bad science and incorrect iinformation and does not seem to care. The ordinace will affect all new contruction including additions . Everyone in the county will be adversely affected by this ordinace.

Marv DeMilio

Marquette, Mich.

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