Finds society guilty in Florida verdict


I would like to enlarge on those in our society that are guilty by their actions and judgments in the Trayvon Martin case. First, I hold the media in all its forms from internet, opinion experts, legal and social activists, academics to be guilty of generating confusion and emotional bias. The justice system is a second category of guilt with its standards and rules that are arbitrary, contradictory and make little sense to many in the public. In that respect, the Florida officials grossly mishandled the indictment and trial strategy. I believe civil rights activists such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are guilty for seizing the opportunity to enhance their influence and income and also deserve a guilty verdict. The academics in race-based disciplines are guilty for their own contradictions and confusions in failing to concentrate their efforts in pointing out the overwhelming problems of poverty, education and the cultural shackles that block real progress. And last but not least, President Obama is guilty for using the classic political circus of using an emotional analogy to himself and the victim Trayvon Martin as either his son or himself. The killing of a young man was tragic and unnecessary but oh, what a bonanza to so many parts of our society.

Norman Grossman


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