Woods Coffee baking cookies for Lynden fair's Moo-wiches

Posted by Jim Donaldson on July 30, 2013 


Cynthia Anker, 13, grabs cookies out of a large box to make Moo-wiches on August 12, 2010 at the Northwest Washington Fair and Event Center in Lynden. The Moo-wiches are handmade ice-cream sandwich sold by the Whatcom County Dairy Women at the Northwest Washington Fair. Andrea Funk, 16, of Surrey, puts ice cream on the cookies and Lacey Vander Veen, left, bags the completed Moo-wiches.


Cookies from The Woods Coffee have won the taste test - the Lynden-based business is partnering with Whatcom County Dairy Women to make Moo-Wiches for this year's Northwest Washington Fair.

The Moo-wich features a thick slab of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two over-sized chocolate chip cookies. The cookies previously were made by Haggen stories.

Edaleen Dairy is providing the ice cream - 700 gallons of vanilla - for Moo-Wiches during the fair, which runs from Aug. 12-17. This year, the Whatcom County Dairy Women will make 14,000 Moo-Wiches for the fair and sell them for $4 a piece.

"It was evident from the beginning of our taste, crumble, freeze, and recipe trials that Whatcom County Dairy Women and Woods Coffee think alike — we both want to serve our customers all natural ingredients, including real butter, and to provide a delicious, handmade cookie," said Debbie VanderVeen, dairy farmer and member spokesperson of Whatcom County Dairy Women, in a press release.

Dairy farmer Cheryl DeHaan of Lynden is credited with thinking up the "Moo-wich" name, which was selected at a meeting around the kitchen table of Everson dairy farmer Pauline VanWeerdhuizen, in 1980, according to the press release. The Moo-wich name became a registered trademark licensed to Whatcom County Dairy Women in 2007.

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