Suggests slate for County Council


During this year's Whatcom County Council elections, I am voting for fiscal responsibility. I want tax dollars spent on things that provide a return on investment, such as infrastructure, clean air and clean water, and protection of habitat. These things are the result of sound planning. Because Whatcom County will be updating its comprehensive plan in 2016, I am voting for candidates who can plan wisely for our future.

I do not want my tax dollars wasted on litigating, over and over again, the county's defiant refusal to comply with the Growth Management Act. The ideologues on the County Council need to be sent home because I believe they spend public funds to promote special interests, and are openly contemptuous of citizens who advocate on behalf of the general public. Being out of compliance with the Growth Management Act has financial consequences for all taxpayers. The county loses opportunities for state grants and low-cost loans, and it incurs opportunity costs. All the money wasted on pointless litigation could have been used on efforts to restore Lake Whatcom.

If you want public funds to be spent in the public's own interest, if you believe the county needs to comply with state and federal laws, and that local government needs to respect all of its citizens, the choice is clear. Please vote for Carl Weimer, Rud Browne, Ken Mann and Barry Buchanan.

Wendy Harris


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