Reader thanks Bellingham Council for flying rainbow flag at City Hall


A big thank you to Seth Fleetwood for submitting a motion to the Bellingham City Council to fly the rainbow flag at City Hall commemorating the historic Supreme Court ruling supporting civil rights for gay and lesbian people and gay pride weekend! Also a heartfelt thank you to the members of the council for passing this motion unanimously!

Pat Rose of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor


Thank you to my guiding angel, who stopped to assist me on I-5 on Sunday, June 30, around 6:30 a.m. after my horrible car accident.

It was a great relief that you were with me until assistance arrived.

I do not know your name, but I hope you see this and realize how thankful I am to you. Thanks to all the highway patrol and paramedics who assisted me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ann Fleary of Blaine, via Letters to the Editor


We recently completed the Community Energy Challenge for our 18-year-old townhouse. The process, start-to-finish, was smooth and well-coordinated. Sheila, the energy challenge expert, customized our home energy plan after a detailed four-hour energy audit of our home. Through Sheila's extensive experience, the report was understandable and explained in detail.

We had choices and recommendations on a range of issues - small to large. We opted to complete all recommendations, including a new furnace (something we knew was nearing its life expectancy). The energy program handled all the rebates and facilitated our getting the financing to replace the old furnace.

It was easy to find reliable contractors and they worked directly with Sheila at the Community Energy Challenge, who was able to explain exactly what was needed. I know we'll have a warmer, more efficient (lower bills) winter and feel much better about our energy use.

I can highly recommend the Community Energy Challenge. Their website is and phone number is 360-676-6099.

Elaine Cress and Carl McGrath of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor


On the morning of July 25, retuning from a fishing trip to Baker Lake with my son, we had a flat tire that stranded us along I-5. To compound matters, our spare tire, which was under the van, wouldn't release when we tried to lower it.

As traffic zoomed past us, making conversation difficult, and work on the flat tire nerve-wracking, a WSDOT truck pulled behind us and put on his warning lights. The driver got out and proceeded to help us with our problem, even calling in another WSDOT truck to help us free the spare tire.

As it turned out, the spare was also flat, so our helpful DOT workers had it inflated at their shop in Alger. Shortly thereafter we were safely on our way and managed to make it to Bellingham where we got our tires fixed.

After getting home and wanting to thank these men of the WSDOT for their kind assistance, I realized that I had been so unnerved by the trucks and cars roaring past us without a hint of slowing down that I hadn't gotten their names. Anyone who says trying to change a tire along a busy freeway isn't unsettling must work on a NASCAR pit crew.

Anyway, the calming and helpful assistance of these men was much appreciated and it is reassuring to know that the WSDOT has such professional people in its employ willing to lend assistance in roadside emergencies.

Jake Skibsrud of Blaine, via Letters to the Editor

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