Asks drivers give walkers right of way


Many years ago, I was in New York City riding in a car driven by my cousin. I was astonished when he drove over a curb while turning a corner in order to avoid stopping for a pedestrian waiting at a crosswalk. I came to realize that my cousin's complete lack of courtesy towards pedestrians was simply part of the driving culture of New York City.

At that time, I lived in the L.A. area, which had a very different driving culture - one in which pedestrians were routinely granted the right-of-way. Since then, L.A. has become like New York - and so, unfortunately, has Bellingham. I frequently wait for long periods in crosswalks (even those with the yellow signs) while car after car zooms by me without stopping. This sort of thing happens routinely in broad daylight, while I'm wearing clothing that is quite visible.

So, Bellingham, there's a respect in which you've hit the big time. You must be proud!

Phillip Montague


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