Stewart ends Jacobson's streak with Summer Nationals win


ALGER — The streak is over.

Bixby, Okla., sprint racer Sane Stewart showed the best way to beat Travis Jacobson at the Bob’s Burgers and Brews Summer Nationals was to run away from the three-time defending Summer Nationals Champion.

Stewart, who started from the pole, did just that, grabbing the lead and never relinquishing it for all 40 laps of the 360 Sprints feature event on Sat-urday, July 27, at Skagit Speedway. With the win, he grabbed a $12,000 pay day.

Jacobson, who started third, worked his way around Travis Rilate for third, when Rilate jumped the cushion seven laps in.

But that’s as far as Friday’s preliminaries winner could get, as Stewart drove away from him, building an advantage of as large as a straightaway. Not even lapped traffic seemed to faze him, as he worked the high line to perfection throughout the race and was good enough low to get around slower cars.

Jacobson’s last chance to stretch his streak to four years came on a Lap 34 restart, but Stewart slammed the door shut on that opportunity with a good restart. The win was the second Summer Nationals title for Stewart, who also won in 2007.

Rilat finished in third, while Colton Heath used a last-lap pass to get around Sam Hefertepe Jr. for fourth.

Bellingham driver Brock Lemley got into the loose stuff and skipped into the Turn 1 wall in the feature and finished 27th.

That was a disappointing finish to a night that included a wire-to-wire victory in the B-Main victory for Lemley, who one week earlier claimed a 600 Open Clay Cup championship at Deming Speedway.

Lemley's run to a guaranteed $1,000 prize for starting the A-Main actually started in the B-Scramble, when he worked his way up from a fifth-place starting spot to second.

That gave him the outside lane on the front row, which is exactly where he wanted to be.

With a first-lap red hindering his efforts, Lemley twice showed he was able to get the jump on Josh Dewitt from the top side, using the momentum of the top lane to claim the lead coming off Turn 2.

Lemley checked out from there.

Lapped traffic allowed Dewitt to make things interesting mid-race and tested Lemley's evasive skills, when Matt Jensen and Dennis Macechern got mixed up, leaving Jensen's car and nose wing right in Lemley's path. Lemley avoided the carnage and the others trying to stay out of the way to maintain the lead and a spin by Devin Madonia on Lap 12 to cruise to the victory.

Dewitt followed him home in second, while Casey Adams, Liam Ryan and Kelly Miller rounded out the top five.

The best racing was for the sixth and final transfer spot to the A-Main.

Kenny Rutz pulled a text-book slide job on T.J. Hartman from the top side entering Turn 3 to get the spot on Lap 13.

Rutz then had to defend the position with a nice block to the low side going into Turn 3 after he lost momentum with a bobble coming off Turn 2 on the final lap.

Luke Didiuk led all 12 laps in an extremely uneventful C-Main. Jeff Dunlap, Sean MacDonnell, Christian Michel and Derek Roberts rounded out a top five that was evenly spaced throughout the final nine laps following a Lap 3 caution for a spin by Cale Brook.


Saturday's 360 championship results

At Skagit Speedway

A-Main (40 laps): 1. (77F) Shane Stewart, 2. (18) Travis Jacobson, 3. (39C) Travis Rilate, 4. (33) Colton Heath, 5. (26) Sam Hefertepe Jr., 6. (24C) Chad Hillier, 7. (7K) Jason Solwold, 8. (88) Jayme Barnes, 9. (22) Mason Moore, 10. (7N) Jared Peterson, 11. (5H) Justyn Cox, 12. (56) Justin Youngquist, 13. (88W) Jesse Whitney, 14. (44) Kelly Miller, 15. (12) Casey Adams, 16. (3) J.J. Hickle, 17. (7S) Eric Fisher, 18. (55) Trey Starks, 19. (5D) Josh Dewitt, 20. (87) Liam Ryan, 21. (23N) Brock Lemley, 22. (8R) Kenny Rutz.

B-Main (15 laps, top 6 advance): 1. (23N) Brock Lemley, 2. (5D) Josh Dewitt, 3. (12) Casey Adams, 4. (87) Liam Ryan, 5. (44) Kelly Miller, 6. (8R) Kenny Rutz, 7. (19) T.J. Hartman, 8. (9) Sean MacDonnell, 9. (38) Trevor Turnbull, 10. (16) David Miller, 11. (9D) Luke Didiuk, 12. (42) Derek Roberts, 13. (15) Jeff Dunlap, 14. (52) Christian Michel, 15. (42M) Devin Madonia, 16. (23) Steve Parker, 17. (98) Matt Jensen, 18. (3D) Dennis Macechern.

C-Main (12 laps, top 5 advance): 1. (9D) Luke Didiuk, 2. (15) Jeff Dunlap, 3. (9) Sean MacDonnell, 4. (52) Christian Michel, 5. (42) Derek Roberts, 6. (57) Bud Ashe, 7. (13A) Ashley Lewellen, 8. (9A) Steve Dyer, 9. (97R) Jason Reed, 10. (4B) Cale Brook.

A-Scramble winner: (77F) Shane Stewart. B-Scramble winner: (5D) Josh Dewitt. C-Scramble winner: (9D) Luke Didiuk.

Friday's late results

A-Main (30 laps): 1. (18) Travis Jacobson, 2. (56) Justin Youngquist, 3. (33) Colton Heath, 4. (46) Trey Starks, 5. (39C) Travis Rilat, 6. (88W) Jesse Whitney, 7. (77F) Shane Stewart, 8. (75) Eric Fisher, 9. (26) Sam Hefertepe Jr., 10. (24C) Chad Hillier, 11. (3) J.J. Hickle, 12. (22) Mason Moore, 13. (7K) Jason Solwold, 14. (7N) Jared Peterson, 15. (88) Jayme Barnes, 16. (87) Liam Ryan, 17. (5H) Justyn Cox, 18. (5D) Josh DeWitt, 19. (38) Trevor Turnbull, 20. (79K) Kelsey Carpenter.

Preliminary points: 1. (77F) Shane Stewart 548, 2. (39C) Travis Rilat 546, 3. (18) Travis Jacobson, 4. (26) Sam Hafertepe Jr. 537, 5. (33) Colton Heath, 6. (55) Trey Starks 536, 7. (7S) Eric Fisher, 8. (56) Justin Youngquist 526, 9. (24C) Chad Hillier, 10. (88W) Jesse Whitney 517, 11. (7K) Jason Solwold 508, 12. (3) J.J. Hickle 505, 13. (7N) Jared Peterson, 14. (22) Mason Moore 500, 15. (8B) Jayme Barnes, 16. (5H) Justin Cox 488, 17. (38) Trevor Turnvull 485, 18. (5D) Josh Dewitt 484, 19. (87) Liam Ryan 484, 20. (79K) Kelsey Carpenter 475, 21. (12) Casey Adams 467, 22. (23N) Brock Lemley 460, 23. (16) David Miller 458, 24. (19) T.J. Hartman, 25. (8R) Kenny Rutz 443, 26. (44) Kelly Miller 442, 27. (98) Matt Jensen 431, 28. (3D) Dennis Macechern 431, 29. (42M) Devin Madonia, 30. (23) Steve Parker 422, 31. (96X) Mack Brown, 32. (15) Jeff Dunlap 417, 33. (9D) Luke Didiuk 396, 34. (9) Sean MacDonnell 392, 35. (97R) Jason Reed 385, 36. (50M) Michael Bollinger 384, 37. (52) Christian Michel 384, 38. (13A) Ashley Lewellen 380, 39. (4B) Cale Brook 377, 40. (42) Derek Roberts 364, 41. (27Z) Zeth Custer 364, 42. (57) Bud Ashe 357, 43. (17) Cam Smith 271.

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