Jacobson keeps rolling at Summer Nationals with prelim win


ALGER - Skagit Speedway renamed the 360 Nationals were renamed the Bob's Burgers and Brew Summer Nationals in 2013, but you might as well call them the Travis Jacobson Nationals.

Jacobson, who has won the past three championships in the two-night event added a preliminary night feature win on Friday, July 26, at Skagit Speedway.

He had to work his way up from a fifth-place starting spot and then was forced to survive a green-white-checkered restart to pick up the victory.

The Lake Stevens driver started moving toward the front when he got under Liam Ryan for fourth place coming out of Turn 2 eight laps in. He then went to the high side to get around Colton Heath out of Turn 4 on Lap 18, and took second two laps later when he worked his way around Kelsey Carpenter's ailing car.

After a Lap 22 restart following a blown right rear by Carpenter, Jacobson set his sights on Justin Youngquist by working the high side. He managed to get to Youngquist's rear nerf bar, but that was it until he got great bight coming off Turn 2, nosed ahead of Youngquist coming down the back stretch and completed the pass coming out of Turn 4 with three laps to go.

With the lead, not even a spin by Josh DeWitt after Jacobson had taken the white flag could stop him. Jacobson got a great restart and cruised the final two laps to claim the victory.

Youngquist finished second, followed by Colton Heath, Trey Starks and Travis Rilat.

Shortly after taking the checkered flag to win the 360 Sprints B-Main, Jared Peterson dropped his drive train between Turns 1 and 2. The Stanwood driver's crew had the length of the Outlaw Turner feature to make repairs and get him ready to make the call for the feature, which they successfully did.

If he hadn't been able to, Bellingham's Brock Lemley, who finished sixth, would be the beneficiary, earning the final spot at the tail end of the A-Main field.

As bad as Peterson's luck was after the race, he was the beneficiary of some misfortune for pole sitter Kenny Rutz, who took the green and sailed into Turn 1 a little too hot. Rutz looped it and caught Devin Madonia, sending both cars flipping beneath the Scrap-It billboard and ending the night for both.

Peterson grabbed the lead going into high side of Trevor Turnbull going into Turn 1 on the restart and was never seriously challenged through the length of the 15-lap B-Main.

Chad Hillier finished a little over a second behind him, followed by Mason Moore, J.J. Hickle and Turnbull. Lemley got around David Miller on lap 12 and was cutting his gap to Turnbull in fifth, but simply ran out of time to grab an automatic transfer spot.

The lead also was a bad place to be in the C-Main. Steve Dyer looped it on his own from the front spot on Lap 7, surrendering the lead to Michael Bollinger, who blew a motor six laps later.

Mack Brown broke the jinx, finishing the final two laps to take the win. Jeff Dunlap followed him home in second, while Cam Smith, who started 13th, ended up third. Steve Parker moved up from eighth to claim the final transfer spot.

Drivers were attempting to accumulate as many points as they could from qualifying, heat races and the mains to get good starting spots for Summer Nationals championship night on Saturday, July 27.

Top qualifier Shane Stewart, who finished seventh led the points, followed by Jacobson, Rilat, Starks, Heath and Sam Hafertepe Jr.

In his first visit to Skaigt Speedway, C.J. Putnam picked up a feature win in the Dwarfs, but it certainly didn't come easy.

Putnam passed a pair of cars in Turn 4 on lap seven to claim the lead, then five laps later had to split a pair of lapped cars on a daring move. One lap later he avoided a stopped car between Turns 3 and 4.

The caution put Eric Berquist on his rear bumper, and he did all he could to put pressure on Putnam for the final seven laps of the race. Putnam repeatedly went high in the corner, where he was able to build up enough momentum to hold off Berquist on the low side. The formula worked perfectly on the final turn, and Putnam won by two-tenths of a second. Kevin Benson was third, followed by Clay Goben and Ron Brewer.

The Dwarfs and Outlaw Tuners both will be running on the second night of Summer Nationals, as well.


Friday's 360 preliminary results

At Skagit Speedway

A-Main (30 laps): 1. (18) Travis Jacobson, 2. (56) Justin Youngquist, 3. (33) Colton Heath, 4. (46) Trey Starks, 5. (39C) Travis Rilat, 6. (88W) Jesse Whitney, 7. (77F) Shane Stewart, 8. (75) Eric Fisher, 9. (26) Sam Hefertepe Jr., 10. (24C) Chad Hillier, 11. (3) J.J. Hickle, 12. (22) Mason Moore, 13. (7K) Jason Solwold, 14. (7N) Jared Peterson, 15. (88) Jayme Barnes, 16. (87) Liam Ryan, 17. (5H) Justyn Cox, 18. (5D) Josh DeWitt, 19. (38) Trevor Turnbull, 20. (79K) Kelsey Carpenter.

B-Main (15 laps, top 5 advance): 1. (7N) Jared Peterson, 2. (24C) Chad Hillier, 3. (22) Mason Moore, 4. (3) J.J. Hickle, 5. (38) Trevor Turnbull, 6. (23N) Brock Lemley, 7. (16) David Miller, 8. (12) Casey Adams, 9. (44) Kelly Miller, 10. (17) Cam Smith, 11. (19) T.J. Hartman, 12. (23) Steve Parker, 13. (3D) Dennis Macechern, 14. (98) Matt Jensen, 15. (15) Jeff Dunlap, 16. (96X) Mack Brown, 17. (42M) Devin Madonia, 18. (8R) Kenny Rutz.

C-Main (12 laps, top 4 advance): (96X) Mack Brown, 2. (15) Jeff Dunlap, 3. (17) Cam Smith, (23) Steve Parker, 5. (9) Sean Macdonnell, 6. (97R) Jason Reed, 7. (9D) Luke Didiuk, 8. (13A) Ashley Lewellen, 9. (52) Christian Michel. 10. (50M) Micahel Bollinger, 11. (4B) Cale Brook, 12. (27Z) Zeth Custer, 13. (42) Derke Roberts, 14. (57) Bud Ashe.

Top qualifier: (77F) Shane Stewart 96.041 mph. Heat 1 winner: (88) Jayme Barnes. Heat 2 winner: (39C) Travis Rilat. Heat 3 winner: (26) Sam Hafertepe Jr.. Heat 4 winner: (79K) Kelsey Carpenter. Heat 5 winner: (33) Colton Heath.

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