Concerned terminal will deplete water


As the shiny pretty advertisements come to all of us compliments of Gateway Pacific Terminal I hope all the farmers, businesses and community members realize that water is not finite. We cannot create clean safe water out of thin air. No matter how you look at it, if the proposed terminal is built, the terminal will draw on at least 5 million gallons of water from the Nooksack per day in the summer to control blowing coal dust from the uncovered 80 acres of open coal piles (62 feet high and 2,500 feet long according to Gateway Pacific Terminal's proposal) and to be on hand for fire suppression. Coal often spontaneously combusts releasing mercury, benzene, methane and carbon in the air.

Gateway Pacific Terminal has already contracted with Public Utilities District for water and I believe we the homeowners and farmers will be at risk for not getting the water required for our land and businesses. In the summer the water level on the river can get dangerously low for the current needs of the community. Gateway Pacific Terminal will make it that much worse.

Is losing our water worth 214 full time jobs in 20 years?

I think one way to be sure the terminal is not built is to vote for Whatcom County Council members who understand that we need jobs but not at the expense of what we have now. The council has the final vote on whether to issue the permit for this project. Yes, this small group will have our future in their hands. Please educate yourselves now about the candidates and vote.

Amy Glasser


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