Confused by Zimmerman verdict


I'm confused about the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

Did I miss the memo that translates not guilty into witch burning, and when did it get voted in as a national law?

Will the witch burning be televised live only locally or will it be broadcast live across the country by only the left-wing new outlets?

Who brings the gasoline and who brings the matches?

Will it be a black-tie event or is casual Friday OK?

Is it BYOB or is there going to be a service charge with a two drink minimum?

At the next televised not-guilty verdict, can we just skip using any Constitutional laws in any criminal proceedings and have a virgin ride a white horse through the local graveyard and whichever grave the horse stops on, that's who we dig up and put on trial as not guilty?

Oh wait, that's the politically correct procedures for finding a vampire, my bad. Carry on, nothing to see here folks. It's only justice when it involves Al Sharpton or Eric Holder getting their way, I guess.

Thank God they have their crystal balls and witch dunking chairs to keep us safe from all those dangerous juries of our peers out there.

Charles Hill


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