Against any new gas tax


We have one of the smaller states in the USA in square miles compared to states like California and Texas. So we have fewer miles of roads to repair also. Now, do you know we have one of the highest taxes on gasoline of any state. Have you noticed all of the car companies making more and more of the hybrid cars and SUVs and totally electric cars? Well I guess we don't have enough of the hybrids or electric cars because of the high tax on gasoline we pay, it just adds to the price we pay at the pump. A few years ago our wonderful folks in Olympia put a measure on the ballot to raise the tax on gasoline by 9 cents a gallon. The voters responded with a 80 percent vote that we do not want any more tax on gas. Chris Gregoire thought she knew better and raised the tax anyway. Fast forward to today and our representatives in Olympia are at it again with the help of our new mayor to raise the tax on gas another 10 cents a gallon. It will be 2 cents a year for 5 years if passed. That is the plan on the table now! Call or write you representatives now and let them know enough is enough!

Julian McAllister


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