Backs Blethen for school board


John Blethen will make an excellent member of the Bellingham Public School Board. He is a well educated and dedicated member of our community.

John has been a strong voice in our community for over 40 years. He is well known as someone who gets things done. I have worked with John on various community projects for over 25 years. Some of the projects were neighborhood oriented; others concerned the entire community.

His contributions to the local community are too numerous to list but range from neighborhood gardens to the web of Greenways that traverse our community; from the waterfront to other environmental issues and to the Bellingham Community Co-op.

His deep roots in the neighborhood and community will give him a particularly valuable position on the school board. Those of us who believe in public education and local control over decisions that are unique to this community will have a strong advocate in John Blethen.

John's efforts in our community have had positive consequences. He doesn't just talk about things. He makes them happen. Vote John Blethen for Bellingham Public School Board.

Del Lowery


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