Concerned about change in Egypt


Like many fans of democracy, I have trouble contemplating the recent events in Egypt.

The simple formula: elected leadership equals good; military coup equals bad may not apply.

But consider this possible analogy:

I'm not equating the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt today with the Nazi Party in Germany in the 1930s, but what if both political parties had a similar tendency to use coercion to guarantee that no other political parties could remove them from power?

We will probably never know what the Muslim Brotherhood would have done with the political power they were beginning to solidify, due to the decisions made by the Egyptian military and the opposition parties, but we do know what happened in Germany when the military and the opposition parties there decided to "respect" the results of the elections of 1932-1933 that first empowered the Nazis.

Without even considering the impact on the rest of the world, we know what a disaster Nazism was for Germany and German democracy, and only time will tell if the military and the opposition parties in Egypt have made a better decision even if it is less "democratic."

Jon Shaughnessy


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