Says government hurts free market


I believe there is a connection between the destruction of the free market and the serial scandals that have exposed America's criminal, out-of-control government.

For more than 100 years, governments around the world have worked hard at trying to destroy the free market - through credit expansion and easy money policies, trade barriers, subsidies, taxation and stifling regulations.

Anti-capitalist politicians have transformed taxation into outright confiscation. They have championed more and more government spending as the best way to increase a nation's wealth. They have sold their citizens on the belief that more and more government welfare is the best way to increase the wealth of individuals. Their methods have always failed. There is no mystery as to why governments around the world are able to get away with this false finger pointing. It's simply because a majority of their citizens are envious, lazy, avaricious, and/or uninformed, they see capitalism as the cause of their nations' faltering economies, high unemployment and rising prices.

As a result, for at least a century, a majority of people have favored putting more and more power in the hands of their governments. And because actions have consequences, they end up getting the governments they deserve.

Wayne Farber


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