Says war supporters not paying true costs


I believe the letter writer who blamed the theft of plants from her garden on young people taught by a liberal education establishment and"run by the teachers' union" that one doesn't have to work to receive what they want is misguided. People such as she describes would not only be too lazy to perform physical work, they also would not know which end of a shovel to put into the ground, nor have the botanical education necessary to select desirable plants.

She should look closer to home for those I believe to be the villains -- the Tea Party members in her neighborhood! These folks are much more likely to be gardeners. They were enthusiastic supporters of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but now steadfastly refuse to pay their share of the trillions of dollars those wars cost, the untold sums yet to come to rehabilitate equipment, and especially to rebuild the minds and bodies of the vets who suffered - and are suffering - there. In my opinion, It is these people who believe in getting something for nothing, and on a grand scale.

Ed Wood


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