Unhappy with rail oil shipping


Many people are not aware of the rail spurs currently in progress, as BP and Phillips refineries are ramping up to receive and refine Bakken crude oil from North Dakota. A two-mile rail loop just south of the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal site is being built now to handle one trainload of crude per day at BP, and is scheduled to be completed within one year. Phillips 66 Refinery is planning another rail spur between Unick and Slater roads to accommodate one crude oil train every two days, including a 1.5 mile spur for waiting trains. I believe these rail spurs add a total of three more noisy, dangerous trains per day, coming and going..

Crude oil trains from North Dakota will travel through Bellingham and Ferndale to our refineries. The good news is that residents in Bellingham, Ferndale, Blaine and Birch Bay should realize that building Gateway Pacific Terminal to the north of Aldergrove in Ferndale will, I believe, create a huge and perhaps ultimate insult to this area, encompassing the Straight of Georgia while adding mountains of toxic coal activity to the growing noise and silent pollution. These industries create more cost and destructive potential to the land we need to protect than we can afford.

Christine Westland


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