Wants legislators to compromise


Once again, I believe the citizens have been betrayed by a small core of obstinate conservative state and federal legislators. Conservative state legislators killed the Columbia River I-5 bridge project which is of great importance to southwest Washington's economy. In the U.S. House of Representatives, conservative scuttled a farm bill over how much to spend for food aid to the poor and have refused to address student loans while promoting lower tax rates for the wealthy. These and many other legislative needs go wanting because, I believe, the radical conservatives continue to try to use the legislatures to codify their beliefs rather than to engage in the debate and compromise that actually govern. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president because his original party, the Whigs, failed to changes with the times and disappeared. The current Republican Party has failed to change with the times and should similarly so that a true leader, like Lincoln, can emerge from its ashes. Politicians are a bad lot these days but I believe conservative Republicans are clearly the worst of the lot.

Michael J. Tomlinson


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