Suggests marijuana tourism, not coal


Exactly how many jobs a coal terminal might generate is hard to say. The quality of work at an automated coal termimal and its impact on our interdependent and interconnected global well-being however, isn't difficult to imagine. But that's easily mitigated by antidepressants, opiates and meth, if you also ignore what I believe to be their deadly impact on our well-being.

Imagine however, the jobs cannabis tourism might generate. Especially if it was focused on holistic healing, ecological thinking and synergistic living, needed to seriously reduce our impact on the planet. Exploring cannabis as an alternative to antidepressants, whose side effects are death, might be a big draw for retired baby-boomers that don't need to pass an un-American drug test anymore. Certainly the only real competition for this market would be Boulder, Colo., although the City of Seattle wants to establish pot clubs for tourists. Seems like more fun, than loading coal to aid communist dictators, to me. How about you?

John C. Ruth


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